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Scarlet Couture Bondage Duo Crop And Flogger Red/Black

Item Number y14-en-ae-6093

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Double Your Kinky Thrills With A Playful Flogger & Punishing Crop! Switch from a flogger to a riding crop with a flick of the wrist thanks to this convenient and kinky combo! Simplify your sex dungeon accessories with this convenient toy that combines a riding crop and flogger into one handy tool!

A vegan leather riding crop is on one end. The riding crop consists of a round leather disc used to swat your partner. The riding crop works like a paddle to spank your partners rear or their erogenous zones. But the riding crop has a much smaller surface area, so its impact generally stings more than that of a paddle. You can easily vary the strength of the impact from a gentle tap up to a stinging swat.

A flogger made up of vegan leather strips is on the opposite end of the toy. There are over a dozen strips that you can use for a wide range of stimulation. You can dangle the strips over your lovers nipples or clit and gently whisk them creating a teasing sensation similar to multiple feathers. Or you can pull your arm back and flick your wrist to deliver anything from a playful whisk to a sexy snap.
The crop measures 3 inch wide at the tip and 24.75 inch long from the tip to the bottom of the vegan leather-wrapped handle. The flogger measures 1 inch wide and 19 inch long from the top to the bottom of the handle. Combined, the duo measures 3 inch wide and 37 inch long.

It is made from vegan leather, which recreates the look and feel like real leather without harming any animals.

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